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Royalty Reef is a woman-owned and operated business that opened in 2021. Founder, Brooke Kerns, is a Marine Biologist and coral expert who aquacultures high-quality coral in Pensacola, Florida. She also conducts research on coral diseases and coral resilience in closed-loop systems.

Here at Royalty Reef, we not only offer a wide selection of healthy corals, we also focus a lot of our time on training aquarium owners on how to start and maintain a thriving saltwater ecosystem!

Why Choose Royalty Reef

The passion behind Royalty Reef originates from the beauty and vulnerability of our oceans natural coral reefs. We see the negative impacts that the global aquarium trade has on reefs around the world, with almost 30 million fish, corals, and other marine life being pulled from the ocean each year to supply the market. However, we also see that saltwater aquariums are a source of inspiration to get more people interested in ensuring our coral reefs survive in the future. A bit of a catch-22, wouldn’t you say? That’s why we aim to reduce the amount of marine life being taken from the reefs by aqua-culturing corals, all the while helping you succeed with your slice of the ocean by providing training to aquarium owners of all stages. Our knowledge, experience, and passion for marine life brings confidence to the table when dealing with your saltwater aquarium! 

Founder & Operator

About Brooke

Growing up in landlocked Oklahoma, I became fascinated by coral reefs at an early age. I still remember the exact year my interest peeked; in the 6th grade. I learned about the important role that corals play as they pertain to our oxygen supply, how they offer us protection from waves, and the innumerable amount of marine life that rely on coral reefs to survive. Needless to say, I was hooked!

After relocating to coastal Pensacola to pursue my dream of becoming a Marine Biologist, I gained a vast amount of experience in the ocean and with the life that lives in it. I became an intern for Escambia County’s Marine Resource Division where I conducted research on microplastics in the ocean, as well as built artificial reefs throughout Pensacola’s waterways.

Shortly after graduating from The University of West Florida, I became the Senior Marine Biologist at a coral propagation facility. This is where I was able to merge my academic experiences in with the hobby side of saltwater ecosystems. Unfortunately, the facility was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and was eventually forced to close its doors in the beginning of 2022. Although the closure was devastating to those of us that worked there, it presented me with a new opportunity; the opening of Royalty Reef. 

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